Financial education

Deposit Guarantee Fund of Armenia (DGF) is a member of Financial Education National Strategy Development and Implementation Committee of the Republic of Armenia. DGF implemented a number of measures as a result of direct initiatives and cooperation with other members of the Committee, particularly with the CBA.Target group

√ School children
√ Students
√ Teachers and lecturer
√ Women 

  1. Seminars at universities and schools in Yerevan and regions
  2. Discussions on different financial topics in the new format-club discussions (anti-cafe)
  3. Interviews and reports
  4. «12-qayl» (12 steps) mobile intellectual game release for iOS and Android systems
  5. Cooperation with other stakeholders: meetings, seminars, round tables, discussions, financial debates, intellectual games, financial literacy event for children in the children's camps, outdoor expos.
  6. Brochures and other printed materials to participants